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Fandoms: Undertale, Fnaf, Cuphead, Batim, MHA, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Splatoon, AOT, Angels of Death, Eddsworld, Super Mario, Delta Rune, Fairy Tail. *Feel free to rp with me for any of those things* Best Friends: @Coolio51607 @Camena @PinkieGames. "When Gravity Falls and Earth becomes Sky, Fear the Beast with just One Eye" Sometimes my art is ---- XD
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9 days
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10 days
hey um shoto wanted me to tell u dis. don't ask. Hi KK long time no see sorry I haven't talking they blocked pixleart on the Chromebook so yup I have to wait until home which is super rare when I come on
19 days
"I only vote for fabulous people"- Stephen (Danplan)
20 days
Ribbon Girl
For some reason I've been doodling this character a lot, I decided to give her the name "Ribbon Girl" and I might turn her into a creepypasta, I draw her in many ways, as an adorable being, a sad hooman and a crazy introvert xd I dunno. I'm thinking of a tragic back story for her.
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