I love to love other peoples art, because if I do it they will see someone liked what they did and keep on going! I recommend you to do it as well just for the greater good of the artists here! :D
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November 23
Just a thank you!
I just wanted to say thanks for all the followers!
Raffi @BossKiller12
yo thank you so much don't stop your art is CRAZY!!!!
November 28
October 31
I'm at school right now in class with my Japanese friend! also sorry for not posting in ages I forgot my password
April 30, 2018
OMG GUYS I'M BACK!!! Hey guys I am back! And I just want to thank everyone for following me even though I have been very absent. But tomorrow I will try to upload something to say thank you to all you amazing artists!!! Also I have a deviantart account called TheFemaleArtist2778, go there if you want to see my drawings not Pixlated! :D
February 24, 2018
To all that read this I am very sorry I have been busy with school and have not had and time to do pixel art. I apologise for that have a good day.
Seth Dee Encarnado @Encarnado
aww i apologise too!
February 25, 2018
January 27, 2018
TheKindArtist commented on this drawing.
"Thank you!"
January 27, 2018
I hade trouble thinking of what to draw for some reason. my body Is aching as well but anyway hope you enjoy! :D
Min YoonJi @YoonGiHoSeok
I like this !
January 27, 2018
TheKindArtist @TheFemaleGamer
Thank you!
January 27, 2018
January 14, 2018
The definition of Homework
I Love this meme
January 14, 2018
TheKindArtist commented on this drawing.
January 14, 2018
TheKindArtist commented on this drawing.
"Aww that's sweet I'm sure he will love it! :D"
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