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-Hello!- -My name here is Tenebre- -I really like to draw things from WW1/WW2 and im very good at it! I also Draw Random stuff too sometimes,i Don't Trace or Use Bases- -My english may be bad but it isn't my first language sorry,- -But im sure you are going to like me tho,- Pro pessoal que fala português, sim eu sou Brasileiro não alemão.--Douglas tu é um merdinha
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7 days
Tenebre der Kriegswolf commented on this post.
"Nah thanks i work alone "
8 days
Hey, wanna do a collab?? I suck at backgrounds but I'm decent at coloring :T
13 days
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"@Glxxmishly your comment is pure gold, thank you"
17 days
Apocalypse-Verdun is a Human SlaughterHouse
''Apocalypse-Verdun is a Human SlaughterHouse'' Drawing by: {Tenebre}
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kidofthestars @wishingalone
There is no way this is made of pixels. Holy ----. HOW???
11 days
glxxmishly onfroy @Glxxmishly
@tenebre lol thanks. the drawing is really amazing is my point. you should try to make a animation using the same characters
7 days
Ian @Quem213
6 days
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