glass eyes

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April 02
hey is every ok its been a while since you've been on here. just wanted to see how you're doing
February 13
Hey Glass! Just checking if your alright...You artworks getting even more cool! Keep it up! :>
January 22
Hello! My name is PixilArtist! I would like to invite YOU to join my Amazing Artists group! If you accept, reply with a yes, if you decline, reply with a no! If you accept I will tell you the single rule of the group! Also, never hesitate to ask questions r recommend any artists! If you accept, never hesitate to post some of your drawings into the group wall! Thanks!
December 31
So were you able to do my request or it school stuff in the way?
December 31
wip: joey jordison
this is just the sketch with some colour, i still have to fix some things
December 30
Thank you for 333+ followers
im thinking of redoing my "meet the artist" thing -for reaching over 300 followers-cause over the year i have changed a bit
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