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I know All. K-pop, musicals, anime, etc.. pls feel free 2 randomly post on my wall or spam me. Becuz I will enjoy reading them.
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June 17
Love you, dad!
Its almost 12 owo. Our small family proves we don't need a mother to complete it. (Also, OH NO I forgot @DemonAngel421 ! After losing my phone idc about you.) I based this off clannad. You know, the ending slimes? Also first time I've had to se this small laggy computer to draw. T'ill then, cya.
June 08
please my dude do no like my trashy art even tho I won ur contest-- please nO
Spirit Of Yaoi @ShounenAiFan421
I forgot about that.. I'll give you your reward :333 but since you asked nicely ill just follow you. If it's good I'll like it :DDD
June 12
June 05
Ey, so I miiight not be on pixilart for awhile. Just warning you...
June 03
Im not finishing this anymore
#challenge I luv u D-jun, I also luv u Here U Are. Thanks D-jun for making this. How about you don’t add amnesia?(Edit)I’m not finishing this. My mood was shot down uwu
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Demon Angel @DemonAngel421
I’m waiting until instructions are oovverr, I’ll be there in a couple minutes
June 03
Demon Angel @DemonAngel421
Why can’t she face me
June 03
Demon Angel @DemonAngel421
Wait, post on my wall and stop commenting on this
June 03
June 03
Ey it’s pride month, let’s celebrate by drawing gayyyyyyy ALSO THE DAY SUMMER BREAK COMES FCKIN’ GAYS GRATING US RELEASE
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