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Zera Heartfilia
I like the color Blue.. I don't have many strengths, but i am strong enough to stay alive! Don't be...
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2 days
Request for @Irish-Vibes
#request for @Irish-Vibes || Sorry if I didn't get the colors right. My crayons are not very good.
Max @Irish-Vibes
*inhale* So cute!!! Ty ty ty!!
2 days
2 days
James Charles
I just got a #request from my #friend if i could draw #JamesCharles if he pays me 5$, I did it, and with real makeup. #drawing #paper #makeup #james #charles #sister #hisister #byesister
4 days
• Design Request - @mutt •
sorry this is a little late! :0 the rings around it's chest fluff look a little weird, srry ^^' I didn't put the color palette because it's just galaxy colors: purple, blue and pink. And the fur is white. Anyways, I hope you like this @mutt ! #Art #Request
Bun @mutt
:0000 shook they're adorable- tysm!!
4 days
15 days
Design Request - @Sketchfloof
oMIGOSH SHE'S SO CUTE i love how this came out ahh!! Also, @Sketchfloof ik you said "50's themed TRANS girl" and ik it's not very obvious, but isn't that like, the point of being trans? Trying to look like the gender you are trying to achieve, like if this is a male to female trans person, then they would be trying as hard as they can to look like a girl. The parasol is if she's out in the sunlight because, y'know, vampires? :v Anyways, here's a short bio I put together that you can use if you'd like. Or not, that's ok too! - Name: Charlotte, Nickname: Lotte - Age: 26 - Species: Vampire - Gender: Male to Female Trans, Sexuality: Pansexual - Summary: Charlotte works at a busy diner in a small town. During the day, she is at work or at home, at nighttime, she's usually sucking people's blood. Although she doesn't like the taste of human blood very much, so she only drinks the blood from meat, although when someone's getting particularly on her nerves she will suck a tiny bit of their blood, ;) She...
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God of shitpost @Dawn-of-Aces
o h m y- these designs are amazing!
15 days
Sun Kissed @Splashfloof
15 days
16 days
Design Request - @Canyoupayme
ugh it's finally done! I hope you like this @Canyoupayme ! It was really fun to work on. If you want to come up with your own backstory and bio for this character it's perfectly fine! But here's a small bio I put together that you can use if you'd like :) - Name: Melody - Age: 18 - Summary: Melody lives in a big city with her grandparents. Spending all day in her room, making machines and robots. As a hobby she also makes some music of her own, always carrying around her guitar case and a pad of paper, just in case if she wants to write some song lyrics down. She's very shy and quiet, but once she opens up to you she's very sweet and intelligent. Being very calm and responsible. She enjoys drinking coffee, engineering, making music and watching the sunset. - Anyway, I hope you like it! :D And btw, the little robot next to her is her best friend! She built him from scratch. #Art #Request
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Sushi the Strawberry @Sushi-Cat
:o it looks so cool
15 days
ayn @Nahta
oh wow this is really good I love it especially cuz I luv music
14 days
18 days
Can someone draw my OC in there own style #request
May 23
4/4 (yay)
#request for @Asterskid finally here
Right Amount @AstersKid
May 24
May 23
#request for @Asterskid (almost done, last v. on the way)