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Jacob Cohen
Heylo MTV It is me jacoob and welcum to ma crib. Certified idubbbz fan I really like sci-fi and co...
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May 23
Flame Filled Skele-Dog
#artistic teen
April 09
Dina Valentine
Hey matees - it’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded on this account. I fished through some of my old WIPS today, and I notice this drawing was there. It’s was pretty close to completion, but I think I never finished it because I didn’t like 100% how it turned out. I still don’t, but I realized it didn’t look *too* bad, so I thought I’d upload it here. I took out an hour or so to fix somethings and anti alias the edges, add borders, and overall just add a few touches of polish here and there. The last time I worked on this project according to my folder save file was February of 2018 [wow]. I don’t remember when I began it though so I can’t give a scope of how long this drawing took me to make. I used 20 colours to make this drawing [1 of those colours is used only for the border]. This character of mine was originally going to be Cresends mother but I’m retconning that: how can she have red hair, but crescend has blue hair? Anyway, I don’t think I will be doing anything with this ...
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SofiaDaQueen @Narwhals101
Why did you say that (I didn’t like 100% how it turned out. I still don’t, but I realized it didn’t look *too* bad) This looks amazing.
April 14
Fleja Moment @Fleja
@galaxyqueenari Thank YOU! @The-King-Pickle Thanks so much - glad you like how it looks c: @fgh Thank you, kool komment @ButterscothArt go for it haha @Narwhals101 Thanks haha - I think I could see that as well: I said that because it how I feel about it - thank you though c:
April 14
March 06
The Boss
#got bored #unique #artistic
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