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May 26
SCP 096
This is SCP 096, the SHY GUY! This is my Favorite SCP from the SCP Containment Breach, and it's also my Minecraft Friend's Favorite SCP! If you have the game SCP Containment Breach, please don't stare at this guy from 1 to 2 minutes. #SCP096 #SCP #CONTAINMENTBREACH #SCPCONTAINMENTBREACH #BLOOD #INSANE #SCARY #HORROR #INSTANT #SHYGUY
life is depression @CalebAndFriends
And your best friend is here. Don't call me shy guy i hate being called that.and thanks for warning people not to stare at my face.Because everytime they stare at it. i get and try to talk but they le run away.and i chase em to tell em.
May 28