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September 12
Maksi the winged cat wolf hybrid
This took a while but hope you like it... #Maksiwolfcat
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Paintbrush Dragon @JustAFlounder
thankyou c: i know it should probably just be a wolf -_- it has no cat features
January 20
Why am I Here @MegaBossPixel23
Hey man, I was wondering how is that collab doing or did we dump it, it is okay with me though if we did dump it. But I am not saying no to this collab I am just wondering if we are still doing it? By the way, I like the new Profile Pic.
January 21
September 13
Maksi is afraid of turning evil again
Maksi used to be evil and he still sees himself turning back in his reflection and it makes him half depressed at times... #Maksiwolfcat oh and he turned blind when he turned good so thats why he has no pupils...
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Meeri @Can
Wait a minute... Blind... Sees reflection...
26 days
Meredith Parker @Dancer1
if he is blind how can he see his reflection
24 days