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☂Reqular/Req/Reqiles☂ pronouns: she/her ☂ buddos: @PuzzlingJester @Eks @Iced-ramen @InklingPuppers @Lucky-Clover @fazderp and alot more :) ☂ req's the name, weird art is my game.☂ (fricc huzzahI’mgaytrash,fearme)☂heccabestestpersonever: ♡ @sketchfloof ♡☂requestare c losed☂ alt: @liqma
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13 days
hey uh,, i- this is kinda hard to say but- i dont feel comfortable with still,, being your girlfriend i guess. i mean we never talk and it hurts.and we can talk about it when you come back but- yeah. imsorry i still like you.
23 days
i fuckinggggggggg miss you so mucHHh- when you come back for 2 seconds, at least say hi on my wall pls :(
Moonlight Magician @Sketchfloof
please love me :(((
23 days
Moonlight Magician @Sketchfloof
u havent talked to me in like a month plswhENEVR YOU COME BACK PLEASE TALK TO ME ILY :(
22 days
Hand Sanitizer @spxcyy
imsorry i didnt notice you were on a few days ago. i really miss you.
April 25
April 22
o h
im just like- dying
dog si codrum @parrotguts
she's fine and stuffola she said she can only get on this site on her laptop and she's only allowed on it on the weekends.
April 17
April 07
consume ramen commented on this drawing.
"oh no"
April 07
consume ramen commented on this drawing.
"oh heck *cromch* "
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