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"Aaaaaa I heccen love it tysm "
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Escape form reality part 2. Far from home.
"Hello??" i call out. no response. i look around. everything looks weird. I dont know where i am. Im not home but im not anywhere in my town either. I walk around and find a pond. I see my reflection and jump a bit. I look different! i dont know how but i do. looks like this is some weird alternate dimension. Whatever this place is it sure is not home. Suddenly I feel something touch my shoulder. "Well hello child...welcome to your new home...." - to be continued :) hope you all like it cuz seems like you all enjoy it so far. again if u all want more plz tell me XD
13 hrs
Escape from reality part 1. Deep mistake.
I was up about 1 am roleplaying with my bff ladana as usual. i was awaiting a response when an ad comes up on my youtube video. it was no usual ad tho... it was all static with an arrow pointing to a link. curiosity fills me. "what kind of product is this?" i say thinking outloud. It read "I know you want a way out of this world just repeat this chant and i will give you what you seek." I just blankly stare at it. i copy the link and send it to ladana and a few of my other friends and my boyfriend. I tell them "do this at midnight tonight see if it works." At midnight i go into my kitchen and repeat the chant holding out my hand. the room glows a bright pink. The whole room is flashing and before i can even wrap my head around what is going on i am passed out. I wake up and look around. Im in a forest alone. "Hello...." - To be continued :) hope you all enjoy this because im making it a heccen series. if you want more let me know :P
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Karma @Karma-here
That's rlly cool
13 hrs
Pika is a loli @Pikagamer
I would make this a thing :0 I love it so far
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I draw you draw collab
orignal by @RebelBiscuit546 hope you all like it aaaaaaa
Logan @RebelBiscuit546
thx i appreciate it!!!! Great Job!!!
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my wifi is being so bad like UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh
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"aaaaaaaaaaa i love her tysm "
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