Dasher Dancer Life Is Cancer

| Thanks for 100! | Hello. I'm just one of your casual artists. If you like my art, consider leaving a follow, but no harsh feelings if you don't. I'm like to socialize on this site, but I haven't had the free time to make art, so I might make some art during Winter Break. Anyways, enjoy your day! | My PFP was made by yours truely, and my BA was made by @OwletFoof |
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3 days
Mmnah, i still don't wanna sleep... though my eyes hurt a little.
7 days
Ooze - Custom Font Template
This is a template that is free to use for custom fonts. | Don't know what they are (or don't know how to use it)? Here's a tutorial: https://www.pixilart.com/tutorial/pixilart-create-custom-fonts-1
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Dasher Dancer Life Is Cancer @QualityArt1
No, the regular font is very blocky.
16 hrs
Time @Bloodking-Grimm
hmmm....Little did they know. It was just the normal template with edits but with blue leakage.IDK XD
14 hrs
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