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Hallo! I'm a *14yr old weeb who likes to draw stuff, I'm 5'7 and I LiKe NiRvAnA. Here are some artists I recommend that you check out: @Kido/@Huck @Kawli @Korean @xXQUEENXx @Slinky @Veztar @CryoKimothy @Crayon @Fleja and wayyy more (like, a lot more people). My favorite games are probably kingdom hearts, dark souls, fire emblem, pokemon, etc. I'm a bi boi.
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I've really been trying but it just hasn't been the same as how it was in the past when I'd stay up all night drawing on this website, it's hard to draw on pixilart for me now and it is very frustrating. I'm only gonna be here to post my non pixel art stuff for now on. If I feel like drawing something on here, I will. The site is just so unfamiliar to me now
June 14
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"I been good, I kinda have to get use to pixilart again tbh, that’s mostly what my banjo and kazooie drawing was for "
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