I'm just some weird, dumb, piece of trash that makes art and other ----. I'm also a female minor that lives in the U.S. --w--
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16 days
Krys commented on this drawing.
"Thx YEET!1!! nice username lol"
20 days
Krys commented on this drawing.
"Yeah I know, but if this was realistic she could well, y'know..."
20 days
Krys commented on this drawing.
"Not to be mean, but being in space without a suit will basically ---- you."
21 days
Testing out a new style...
Yeah, I'm already getting a new style my lads! I'm gonna use this dumb style for the next half of the year and the rest of 2020 (I guess.) Cheers!
June 12
the only thing I can really thing for the #challange is Gordan Ramsey saying "IT'S RAW."
June 11
Murkbrutes (Original Closed Species)
My first species I made in 2018! (I think) They aren't open yet, but if I learn more about making original species I could open them. I'll give you more context about them sometime. #furry #yeet #furryfandom
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YEET @YEETbestword333
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this!
17 days
YEET @YEETbestword333
great work lol
17 days
Krys @NormalWeirdoOwO
Thx YEET!1!!nice username lol
16 days
June 09
For some reason my challenge art didn't save and now i'm crying, please help I need an exclamation T-T
June 08
Krys commented on this drawing.
"Meme might be dead, but it doesn't mean we can't do this."
June 07
Krys commented on this drawing.
"I can't believe this crappy meme I drew is seen by more people than my actually good artwork."
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