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August 26
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izabella Dodson @sparkel
February 08
Am I cool yet @AL1XX
This is the funniest thing i've read thanks for this
March 11
May 29
e commented on this post.
"i been a ----- to fleja in the past so :\ that might be it"
May 29
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May 28
deadass tired of pa ignoring my art. ----- if u get tagged 5 ------- times u better wake your --- up and at least acknowledge what i spent 3+ hours drawing,,, then it seems like without fail some people get sp over and ------- over regardless of how much he's tagged and if that aint favoritism idk what is
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e @mittamino
i been a ----- to fleja in the past so :\ that might be it
May 29
tiki torch @itai-yo
ok lol but flejas literally caused uproars that made dozens of people spam his wall with memes n ---- and he still gets sp within 4 seconds of posting something so I'd say that This Ain't Fair to you
May 29
May 27
masamune - blue street tiger
oh, e? accidentally uploaded this as anon lmao but i fixed the sketch layer n transparency ---- w the white outline but she good now
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riski @pras
waw so cool
November 12
Ashden @Tarantula-21st
yeah i wish i could draw like that sadly i cannot :(
November 20
May 27
e commented on this drawing.
"lmao ---- i wasnt logged in an uploaded this on accident "
May 16
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May 15
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