Just a random dude learning the basics of pixel art, if you have some tutorials for me, just drop it in my profile and i will probably learn something with it. I still don't have my style so.. If you see something i based my style around the internet don't come to hate me in my profile please. Also... I'm Brazillian. :D
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3 days
Future Funk Addiction
Nothing to say about it, i'm procrastinating a lot that's why i'm not posting so much, but theres something to you guys, also i'm addicted to a vaporwave subgenre called Future Funk and i just can't stop listening to a lot of albums, it makes me feel groovy and aesthetic, well, that's my inspiration for this drawing, its not much but it came from my heart. See ya "soon" people. Thanks for the support ^^
3 days
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10 days
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"---- boe"
21 days
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"I wanted to make a mug design and buy it to myself but living in Brazil makes everything hard. Such a hard place to buy something from another country. :("
29 days
The Rose
3 days doing that, it was really hard, this idea came from a sketch i did in school, turning this in pixel art was harsh, but i did it, the hardest parts were the textures of the fox fur and the hair, maybe this is the drawing i spent most time in. I hope the time and effort were for a good reason. I hope you people like it. ^^ . . . (I'm also thinking about the 100 special >:/)
KyeLee @Keyy2
so cute! it was so nice seeing your process as you made it and the end product looks spectacular!
29 days
June 14
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June 11
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"That looks really nice, good character btw, if you are going for a webcomic you should add a lot of personality to her and she will be P E R F E C T!"
June 09
Oof, I didn't realized that you made the lighthouse drawing. Congratulations for achieving a staff pick. You can finally get some needed attention.
June 09
So.... I wasn't expecting this feedback in my drawing, everything happened so sudden, but all i can say for now is Thanks for making this happen and Welcome, to all the new followers, i hope i will keep doing art and posting here, by this time we are reaching 300 likes in the new art, and i still have some things to improve, but from now on, i will give more love to my arts. Thank yall guys, see yall in the next drawing! :D
June 09
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"Oh, no problem, also thank you! ^^"
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