Angel Of Depression

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I am a 14 year old Bisexual Boy who wants to be a Bisexual girl but I can't because I am scared to tell my parents that I want to be trans because they might not support my decision.I suffer from depression.I lead an army of angels and nekos if you want to join ask. I am taken by @snow101 @kittykatsings and @Yeitsstillangel .i am also polly.call me angel.i am part angel part neko
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2 days
Hey! Before I say anything further, I'd like to apologize if it seems like I'm being mean... In your "About" section, you advertise your depression and you also have multiple drawings dedicated to your depression. If you genuinely have depression, I believe you wouldn't want to advertise that, but instead ask for help. I have been diagnosed myself and I don't like it when people fake it for attention. It's stupid and honestly, not the attention people would want to have. I'm sorry if you truly have depression, I understand how that feels and if you need anybody to talk to, I'm here anytime :)
14 days
Hi love i just want to know if your ok because i miss you a lot :(
Sans @snow101
12 days
20 days
hey angel are you still their im getting worried about you
25 days
umm... are you ok it's been a while sense we talked
May 17
Angel Of Depression commented on this post.
"i wont be able to be on this weekend"
May 17
hey guys i am back for a bit but i wont be able to talk this weekend
Sans @snow101
well it's monday so we can talk
May 20
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