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June 28
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June 13
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June 28
erika commented on this drawing.
"aww thanks to all of you!!"
June 14
I love your art style omg!! You are going to do great on this website!!! I love your colors and your art style, which is really amazing and cute by the way!
June 14
fluffy boi
this is my first drawing on this website but i am proud because i could do it as a gif #fluffy #boy #forest #gif #white
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Jalice @JaliceSky
oh mah golly! this is so cute!
June 14
ghost boy @life-on-venus
so sweet I love him he's looks so soft and fluffy, oh and welcome to pixilart! almost everyone here is really nice and If you need any help with anything don't be scared to ask
June 26
erika @lavcalk
aww thanks to all of you!!
June 28
June 13
Hey Newbie! If you wanna see art go follow @MissPridePixi! give me a follow to! I mean newbie in the nicest way possible. different from a noob. u r new here!