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I'm Kim, a twelve-year-old nerd who is obsessed with Overwatch and lowkey wants to go pro. I am French and African American (black) and I'm Cryo_Kimothy on overwatch. I main DVa, Mei, and Sombra. It's my dream to win any kind of competition and start a mediocre youtube channel. UGH SKULLGIRLS IS BEAUTIFUL. Warning, I make a lot of racist jokes. @Puggles @Kawlii @Kimoty(my alt) @Paradise @Kiaboo
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4 hours ago
my tablet just died??? I think my brother broke it because he probably slept on it but yes the cord is damaged and won't register as connected so that's fantastic
7 hours ago
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14 hours ago
Ohhh so this is why I ambandoned the other story: "Vance: Mina, I need not for you to speak my name. I am prince Vance of Vinduscus, fair ladies, and I would understand if you must gaze upon my beauty and elegance with envious eyes. "
15 hours ago
Yo my old writing was actually good?? Now I have two stories to work on lol
1 day ago
Holy ---- I thought this was gonna be some shitty animation meme URL style dancing but OH MY GOD THIS MAN FRESH TO DEATH https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xgjnwKvVYwU
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Slink @Slinky
Lone Digger by Caravan Palace. Got to love it.
1 day ago
2 days ago
official skullgirls character rating of kim's skill level:(Going from worst to best) 9th Fukua - not played, but just as mediocre as filia i'm assuming. 8th Parasoul - not played. hopefully never will. 7th Painwheel - not played. much anticipation for most precious and adorable carol. 6th Double - Absolute garbage. Wet, watery, slimy garbage. 5th Filia - hey, I beat the tutorial. 4th Peacock(surprise, I ballocks at her) - Somehow, I can pull off goodfellas more often then argus agony and lonesome lenny?? that's a problem. 3rd - Valentine - I DID THE BODYBAG THING! I KILLED SOMEONE WITH IT TOO! THE ONE WHERE SHE ASKS WHERE IT HURTS! 2nd Cerebella - holy fuckshit cerebella is great \/ 1st - Ms. Fortune - r e m e m b e r r e m e m b e r f i f t h o f d i s m e m b e r
3 days ago
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"thank you so much! :D"
3 days ago
streaming skullgirls on picarto! https://picarto.tv/KimothyKimmerson I know that's not what it's for but fucc it
3 days ago
How.. unfortunate
ack i love miss fortune and cerebella and eliza and peacock and oh my goodness im getting the game later tonight
3 days ago
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"^ preach smokes"
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