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March 02
I saw your Pennywise good job! I was wondering how you did the shading any tips?
October 28
The only horror would b if I didn't follow u. XD Gr8 (and TERRIFYING) work! Keep it up (:^D
February 07, 2018
Pennywise ( It / It: A Coisa )
Hi guys! Today I show you my pixel art of Pennywise... This art spends 5 hours of my free time... I hope you like! Please give me a Like and write in the comments ideas for my next arts... See you in the next art my friends! :-) #it , #pennywise , #horror , #Jota , #ballon , #clown , #IT
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Luis @Carreira
May 28, 2018
Intergalactic Idiot @GasterPaps
welp my worst nightmare is back
August 01
Forky @Asher-the-sloth
January 04