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This is a page that will be linked to my Steam account, and that will be a home for my updates on CS:GO related projects. I create map concepts, and port them into CS:GO where I can make them into full maps.
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CS:GO MAP CONCEPT ART UPDATE: The map concept art is going well. I've been inspired by de_bank to create a more complex design, due to it being my favorite map in the game. The map will be based off of a post office, and will have a hostage based objective. If you wish to see the map going through it's building stage, I will soon link my steam to my Pixilart. Sadly, I will keep the project's layout under wraps for privacy purposes until I can get the map's base fully rendered in the CS:GO HAMMER MAP editor.
February 15
Currently working on a map layout.
February 13
Running Test
A test for running animations.
name here @username-here
the head needs to move up and down a little bit for it to be realistic
March 13
February 13
Welcome to my page. Here is where I will post updates about my game, (Which is currently in progress,) and where I post my art.
February 13
B Site
"Bomb has been planted." -L33T Krew
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Me on a plane: *headphones unplug*CSGO: THE BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED
February 27
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This is by far my favorite painting i've ever seen on pixilart.
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I can hear this image