End Doge is a Void

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9 hrs
hey,i have no idea where you are but please make an effort to talk to us,your one of my dearest friends and i wanna know how your doing...
8 days
RIP dude, I don’t even know if you do this anymore.. hope you come back sometime..we all miss you *sobbing*
15 days
https://discord.gg/VFUvp6 Hello soda dog owner!! If you have discord, please join our official Server to learn more about the species!!
28 days
hey end doge,, whenever you see this lemme know, okay? hope ur doin great ;o
Kirbi @Hekk
good job on 600 followers tho
29 days
June 20
Hi! I cant do your request until summer is over because I have no other way of drawing then on my iPad, feel free to ask questions or put your request(s) below. Thank you so much for your patience. :D
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