Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and I tend to detach myself during school whenever I have free time to think about panels in my comics or what I'm going to draw next. It's rather,,, calming.
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1 day
wowzers, so I just started playing Splatoon 2 on my new Nintendo Switch and oml it's beautiful (might be getting the online membership tonight so I can play multiplayer stages and do turf battles uwu)
8 days
wowzers, almost done with my homework, then I can finish up my commission rules yey
11 days
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"Sorry, I am currently not taking requests right now"
22 days
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"oof sadly it is not "
24 days
I just installed Cookie Wars and honestly the details in the cookie characters are just phenomenal (I still like Cookie Run but it's just amazing)
27 days
I really need to get cookie run again. Maybe I should install Blue Stacks on my laptop again
April 26
i found ur account from gachakiwi and im glad i did cuase i loaf ur art owo
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borfdae july 28th @YesKittiExists
imma draw a kiwi kiwi borb now lol
29 days
big gei @QueenKiwi
yesh draw a kiwo borb plez
29 days
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