chels gone wrong

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January 11
deactivating for now on both accounts, seeya.
shut @Phadora
wait w h a t
January 11
January 05
My 2018 Recap
My #2018Recap #bestnine || Wow, 2018 sucked but was good.
January 04
This profile is now going to be retired. I will be found at @/RandomStudios once it is created. Thank you for all of your guys' time though!
December 21
im out, christmas break. see yall on january 2nd-!
Winged Beast @PastelPopsicles
Have fun! < 3
December 21
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The Tiger Who Controls Time @TigerLili05
:0 where is the snek’s sword
December 21
chels gone wrong @fucc
in my room. im not at home- ;w; and- i gotta go. time to draw and die in christmas presents
December 21
December 21
Share this with someone you care for and tell them to sit through it with full volume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fSCkD-gWk0&t=580s
Youtube play preview
December 19
walking downtown
Sweet tooth Monster @KatTheWack
Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm home bound
December 19
Andria H @ThePinkSwirl
Making my way downtown, walking fast, IN UNDERTALE BE LIKE...
December 29
December 17
im confused, are you with lily or not?
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