What should I draw?

By YourFishyFriend — January 09
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Tell me stuff I should draw plz!
MY NAME IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!Hello! I'm Sharkie07! I like to animate and draw! Friends: @AlexKidd456 @jaymeow08 @Blackwings @Slydog21 @PonyoLord @cmaster12397 @Goldenpixlz and @Darth-Pixel People who inspire me: @Snorlax @GoldenWolf17 @BluuArts @Slinky @Peppermint @Dopey-Dragonite
https://bit.ly/2AEP7wN just take it easy
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I read SCPs as a hobby.
can you draw my oc? https://www.pixilart.com/art/yay-new-outfit1-ed2ec9e96f87770?album=20139
AYE KIDZ! le names Amye! I Joined March 09,2018. im 12, I turn 13 in April, im a Marvel fan, Nintendo is my childhood. spongebob is my lord. RIP Kevin. Video games, anime, and memes are all i need. Im bi. and very depressed because my dog is ded. SO plz remember to sub 2 pewdiepie and dont grow up to be me plz...
draw a dr pepper bottle
Hi! I am just your take on a normal girl. I like Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, Anime, Junk Food, Soda, Anime and one more thing, ANIME!!!! I do take drawing requests so plz send me them! Galaxy Tuning Out!
Draw a furry.
Hewo hewo my fwendo mendos I am an artist who likes to draw digital art at a not to professional level because I still need to learn. ( Joined on ??? ) Deviant Art account: https://www.deviantart.com/0avalonseer0 Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsOJQxCMV-DtmIORWqzfX0A?view_as=subscriber