What should I draw?

By Sharkie07 — 8 days
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Tell me stuff I should draw plz!
Hello! I'm Sharkie07! I love art and sports. My favorite sport is hockey, and my favorite team is the Philadelphia flyers, even though I don't live in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania. I hope you like my art! ;)
https://bit.ly/2AEP7wN just take it easy
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I draw stuffs and read SCPs as a hobby.
can you draw my oc? https://www.pixilart.com/art/yay-new-outfit1-ed2ec9e96f87770?album=20139
AYE KIDZ! le names Amye! I Joined March 09,2018. im 12, I turn 13 in April, im a Marvel fan, Nintendo is my childhood. spongebob is my lord. RIP Kevin. I liek fortnite, roblox, anime, and memes. Im bi. Depressed because my dog is ded. My theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwXoW_lizvo
draw a dr pepper bottle
Hi! I am just your take on a normal girl. I like Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, Anime, Junk Food, Soda, Anime and one more thing, ANIME!!!! I do take drawing requests so plz send me them! Galaxy Tuning Out!
Draw a furry.
I am an artist who draws digital and traditional art. I also do animations on Youtube and using this website to try and animate along with practicing to draw digital art to then post it and see some people (or probably you) to like my art or follow me. What im saying is please support me and encourage me to continue to do (in my opinion) amazing art or animations that people (and you) can enjoy.