What should I draw :3

By MaiaBoo — July 24
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Nothing hard
Hey peoples, Please follow the people I follow~ Special thanks to @Antracopa for my profile pic!
Something awesome
Here are some artists you should check out!!! @Dr1mer @sped23
a pineapple because they are delicious
I love The Harry Potter collection, my favorite food is spaghetti bol, I like drawing and my favorite color is purple. I Love BSB and Meghan T songs. I got Erudite for the divergent faction test. And Erudite is the best and Ravenclaw. Oh and I will follow you back. :)
something that makes you happy
Despierto de un sueño del que no quiero vivir. inseguro tanto tiempo prefiero verte feliz. imposible no lo veo dispararte solo a ti, no con armas con palabras que te hagan sucumbiR. By: Kevin. G
Something dope!!!
The mobile app. It would create a paradox. ( @MaiaBoo)
| Thanks for 100! | Hello. I'm just one of your casual artists. If you like my art, consider leaving a follow, but no harsh feelings if you don't. I'm like to socialize on this site, but I haven't had the free time to make art, so I might make some art during Winter Break. Anyways, enjoy your day! | My PFP was made by yours truely, and my BA was made by @OwletFoof |
a cannibilistic hot dog
bad artist
Um... Maybe a nice background? OR A CRAZY MURDEROUS DONUT? Lol
I'm 11 years old and I love cats. I thank @ronny-boi for drawing my profile picture! Requests are also open. By the way, I'm not going to be active much because of school... :/ Hope you enjoy anyway!
A llama wizard on grass.
I'm am a newbie to this. I like drawing. I love pizza!!!
My profile pic