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By Its-Me-Pearl — April 10
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oc drawing contest
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hi i'm PearlLove Art (my real name is Pearl) i'm in the 4th grade a love to draw. make sure you follow me and i will follow you back. (btw i will sub to any youtube channel) follow @OfficialWeeb and @gracie-dose-art @sweetsoftcandy1 @kittendraws and @loveunicorns @PixelArt and finally @awkwardchild @DianaDiamond.
can you draw my OC its on my profile. please and thanks
i like gaming and music. and i do have a dlive account:Katethegreat2007, and i have a pinterest account: Katethegreat2007. also a youtube: Katherine ortez i have 4 subs there. yes i am 12 this is Lauren this friend this other fren
I would want to have a challenge for you and if I like it I'll do it
Challenge: draw as realistic as possible I'm 1 minute and I need proof you did it in 1 min
Winner gets follow likes on everything make me do something embarrassing and show it online and I redraw a drawing of yours
Only get it if I like it and no cheating and no copying no nothing and if you do I'll know and you will lose and you can't use references
Got it good now START!!!!!
I love anime and interacting with people.