Requests for art

By Deltoro — 27 days
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okay so from now on ima do some requests (cause why not) and chill on the collabs so ye send me request and i will try my best to draw them you can request me to draw your favorite tv show also! ( if i don't know the show i'll watch a few episodes :3 ) i will also do ocs . one thing i dont think i can draw is fnaf so yeah... Im sorry well anyway just send me some requests!!! :)
ToRi nO
hey, Tamara, I was hoping for someone to make my discord's image. it is my YouTube channel's discord. tell me if you'd be interested
na no thank you but it looks pretty cool
i like yo mom
d i c k
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can u draw horses/ponies? if not thats ok :)
Hi. uhhh...well... I am a new Pixilartist, but am trying my hardest to be an OK artist. I ride horses and ride them competitively. Riding is a sport and I swear, if you say that it isn't I will haunt you forever and ever. Oh, and requests are open, but they won't be too good. :)
Can you draw me SANS?!
Roses are red Violets are blue What are you doing?! Do I even know you?
d i c? why
Roses are red Violets are blue What are you doing?! Do I even know you?
y a i can draw you sans
i like yo mom
what do u want me to draw
im good at fav color is black. i like art. graffitti.i like photography. I'm 13.i like emo. love hurts when people hurt you. my fav qoute. "standing alone is better than standing with the people who hurt you". high everyday and party all night.~come over when your sober.
i am in 7 grader i have a girlfriend and her name is @galaxywolfie i love her so much and will do anything by the way my name is kadin brooks i love to draw and i have alot of freinds and my nickname in the group i am in with my freinds are lotor and louis ps i am a demon /wolf / vampire i love to sing and i love to draw too