I'm doing request

By It-gets-worse — 7 days
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Heyo I am doing request. And in need for good ones. Please don't comment something dumb I might ignore it.
(Request: Of Course!) Hello I'm Goldfish! Welcome to my page! Here you will find extremely cringe role plays and horrible art! Thanks to @Akeri-dream for making my profile eclypse. Please go see @Aquarian-Magpie art she deserves to be famous on here. Here are good people to follow: Best friends: @alibaps @hava @isha @shrekisgay friends: @i-am-awkward @XxcoreanimexX (have no friends)
Can u draw a cute turtle
i am in middle school, i love cats and i have one of my own named Simon.I do f4f my goal is 200,and i will do any request to the best of my ability i (mostly do animals tho). ^._.^ and for requests they are open!