give me requests

By MaxiDaUnicorn — May 06
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just give me something to draw literally anything :)
draw me dud
Since your reading this, I assume you want to get to know me. Instead of just reading this vague boring summary, get to know me by messaging me on discord
Dud is Bucco for Dude, and can you draw me a dud next to a waman?
Can you draw me?!
I write and speak to give people life again
Nintendo Is the best game company every made if you disagree fight me.
Draw a Original Character for me following these circumstances: [Gender: Male - Skin Color: White (Pure) - Clothing: A Suit (Keep It Kind Of Fancy), Top Hat (Add A Feather) - Color Scheme: Monochrome, Blue, Purple, Indigo Shades (Not Light).] Give it any sort of name (for a male of course) and the design is up to you. Thanks! (Can this be drawn by the end of this month? That would be nice.)
Hello. I'm just one of your casual artists. If you like my art, consider leaving a follow, but no harsh feelings if you don't. I'm like to socialize on this site, but I haven't had the free time to make art, so I might make some art during Winter Break. Anyways, enjoy your day! | My PFP was tooken by yours truely, and my BA was made by @OwletFoof |
can you draw a female version of loki from marvell... but its a cat? so my profile pic, basically.
@YouWillBeFound is my SQUIP|
CAn U Draw My OC Alice
Follow @jeonkookie @yuri-chan There My Cousin/Friend. @Galaxy-Quest for the Profile Pic.
Can you draw a pineapple and post on my wall when done
I love The Harry Potter collection, my favorite food is spaghetti bol, I like drawing and my favorite color is purple. I Love BSB and Meghan T songs. I got Erudite for the divergent faction test. And Erudite is the best and Ravenclaw. Oh and I will follow you back. :)