Give me ideas u guys

By Luv4all1234 — December 01
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Hi! My username is Luv4all1234. I have been on this site since February 20, 2018. I have made lots of friends- @mint @XXJACKGHOSTXX @Cogenheimer @darkqueensans @Broalex11 an much more. My Aggie name is-Luv4all1234. My groups- - if you have any requests or suggestions, tell me pls! I luv anime!
how about a thing to do with 2019
I started this account on halloween, thanks for all the followers. I take requests do feel free to ask #SUBTOPEWDS
Fireworks for 2019
I read SCPs as a hobby.
Cubone (pokemon) but Mini-sized. You can make multiple if you want to.
I'm am a newbie to this. I like drawing. I love pizza!!!
HI GUYS um.... i'm very sorry for the people in christchurch there was a big #HUGE gun shooting by some Aussie peoples um.. one of the shooters was live streaming. This is one of New Zeleands darkest days and i hope this won't happen again please follow @snakehead wait i should probley not be saying this or it will happen again @TylerBullet @Bulldog13 @Whyamibi @Bluuarts @The-Wisp