Who can draw good humans?

By ArielTheUnicorn — 24 days
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I want to learn to draw amazing i am really nice
not me I cant draw anything
Hi. uhhh...well... I am a new Pixilartist, but am trying my hardest to be an OK artist. I ride horses and ride them competitively. Riding is a sport and I swear, if you say that it isn't I will haunt you forever and ever. Oh, and requests are open, but they won't be too good. :)
I can’t draw =p
The Great Art Purge is finished. Many drawings were affected. Some may miss them, but it was for the best. Hopefully you will be seeing better art soon. I am a girl and I love Pixilart, Minecraft, and good classic movies. GOOD FRIENDS: @mochii, @cubez, @Mr-Nubbles, @The-Thirteen, @Compact, @FloopyTheDoop @Dragon-Japan Joined Feb 8, 2019
In my opinion.. I can draw cartoon-ish/anime-ish humans.
OH! And I can draw Spiderman and Tony Stark..
ART is Painful.. physically and mentally. Because I draw everything with my computer mouse. ( The one bellow MOI keyboard )
I would love if you could make me an oc! What she looks like: Black hair fading into a dark blue and a adorable dress with cute boots!
I want to learn to draw amazing i am really nice
I think I'm pretty good at drawing realistic humans
i draw chibi's, 8bits, and color stuff.
i like to roleplay i guess///// my mary jane: @HoodieGirlPower in which if you hurt her, i will rip you apart limb by limb in front of your family, then, one by one, i will feed your remains to one another, make them puke it up, and starve them to death, or torture them foor the rest of their lives. i will be the lumberjack to your family tree. my current job is the Head of the FBI!!!
I draw demihumans, idk what you think but i feel like im pretty good at it
live every day as it was the last one
i'm acceptable at it??
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i think im ok at drawing humans, you can look through my stuff just to make sure. i dunno if im good at anything tbh
heya im just an artist how doubts everything i post, and is desprate for any form of feedback.