Types of artists on pixilart

By tubular — February 13, 2017
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(Small Pea):
- "okay" art
- speaks nicely to everyone
- cutesy style
- not as popular but popular enough
- has close friends.
- draws ponies
- more ponies
- everything is ponies.
- ages 7-12 ???
- type like they're on endless amounts of caffeine, really hyper idk
- call MLP bad and you will be hanged.
(Cool Dud):
- art is hella good
- has a lot of fans
- really chill
- indifferent to his/her art
- answers with simple responses like, "cool" or "okay"
- Role-play and waifus
- traces some
- really bright colors and large a ss eyes
- says Japanese s hit like "kawaii" or "senpai" a ton
- SAO is god, argue and u get a unhuman amount of hate
(Wake me up):
- dead inside
- sleeps at 3 am
- sleep is for the weak
- numb to the world
- really cool art usually
- soul has reached heaven (or ----) already.
- likes drawing anthro people and cartoon animals idk
- wants to be one
- oversensitive
- 12- 15 (---- if I know)
- pretty colors
- gore and edge
- personality can be from really nice or nasty, the art too
(Meme Dream):
- doesn't really draw
- lots of memes
- at least one trace of Trump
- probably one of the best people on here
- 420 all day erydy, get rek t scrubb [sample text]
- draws with dark colors
- gore and darkness
- turns out he/she is actually a decent person to talk to
- but says weird s hit sometimes
- art ranges from really bad to really good
(Humble Bee):
- amazing art
- always says that their art is bad lol stfu
- compliments everyone and doesn't discriminate
- really nice
- can draw basically everything
- makes u feel bad about yourself 24/7
- tries to respond to everyone
( One hit wonder):
- dead most of the time
- comes out of nowhere to bring good art
- hardly comments or responds
- nobody knows them except for their art
- all the sp/potd
- older than you
( Base and Trace):
- They don't have much of their own art
- are inexperienced and immature at art
- look in gallery everything is 5-10 min collabs and hours of traced work
- he/she is probably younger than u
- possibility of bad grammar and spelling
- should probably work hard on a drawing for once
(Overrated artists):
- great art
- have been there the longest time
- older than u (usually)
- everyone knows them
- superiority problem
- has fans that treat them like royalty
- makes u wonder how they do it
(spic and spam):
- makes 5-10 drawings daily
- posts on their friend's walls a ton, and usually more than they should
- posts a nice amount of pictures too
- u have met them at least once
- also mentions friends to posts and new drawings
- gives and shares many youtube videos and pictures
- they do too much of everything
(others are, cancerous fnaf or undertale fans, and etc)
your fellow homosapien
Which one are you?
your fellow homosapien
Small pea > O
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i think i'm small pea but take away the cutesy style
I think I'm some combination between 'Wake me up' and 'Edge'
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wake me up and one hit wonder
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wakemeup lmao
your fellow homosapien
I actually think Im about on Edge, One Hit Wonder and Small Pea.
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wake me up but with kind of alright art.
im 17 im stupit AF and im GAY and those are my personality traits. i promise i draw better on paper... follow my dumblr its @fulgurbugs im actually active-ish there
wake me up and cool dud ig
minus the good art
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im kim, a highschooler who likes movies, music, video games and art. ask me to draw something for you and i will always say no. requests are CLOSED.