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By art-kid-1853 — 15 days
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have you ever tried to try to get a staff pick but you failed
im Christian i like to to play games and i know how to do cubisem
The best staff picks are either mistakes or valuables in the eyes of the talented or famous artist that creates them, while more regular artists would pay some cash for them if they had it. I do not make quite the art yet, but it comes with practice, which the better artists have had time to perfect. Eventually, if I persevere, I will get one.
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Truthfully, there have been many a number of arts I have made that I wanted to get SP on, but never did. I think the algorithm has some sort of pick-and-choose method where more "popular" pieces get titles like "staff pick" or "picture of the day" and not a select handful of the best art from the best people.
I feel the same way, but I don't think it's based on popularity because some days there are more than others, maybe he just overlooked some of your drawings because there's so many nominated per day
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