By ItsMeTetra — April 16
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Idk, just say your favorite pokemon or whatevs
My Discord is GrimFokko#0139 I have an addiction to Kirby, Pokemon, and actually wait you want to join my totally not sketchy minecoin sca-
Name: Kiera Age: ??? Singel Kind Small No Crush Very Shy
i love lizards. Im single, like to draw.love to play out side.i have 2 cats. 2 tortiouses,1 dog, and 1 lizard.5 sisters 1 brother.adopted.always love a challenge.✌
I'm going to say it.......I like Magicarp ..... shiny magicarp .... now that's one shiny Pokemon I think a lot of people can get behind .... even if it takes ages to find ... let alone actually level a shiny magicarp up .... magicarp used splash....... but nothing happened...... OH COME ON !!! oh .... and bulbasaur's cool I guess :)
Just making art... and hoping people enjoy looking at it. simple - I also do freehand drawings as well sometimes and a lot of those are in my photos :) (I have -2- requests in progress)
ditto, sawsbuck, and shiny nihilego
i have incineroar & mewtwo ex
hi i'm Vincent i love pixel art. i will always make new creations, thx.
Heyo I am 12 yrs old and Iam a dumbo ;-; JK if u meh friend you can call me dumbo =_= maybeee BESTIES ARE - @Brip07 and @person386 ALSO I can do rp (you have to ASK)