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By Tsiox — November 16
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I had to make a forum thread about the group I created because the information is too short in the group info.
Here I'll write down all info about this group and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


For Great Artists that don't use others art (tracing their art).
Remember that fanarts are acceptable, because that's not tracing
Note that this group is NOT a protest against the tracers.

[ F A Q ]

[Q:] "can I join your group?"
--- [A:] Artists will be invited depending on their level in art, check what others have added in this group to understand what level we talk about.

[Q:] "I made an artwork that I think is worth this group, so why am I still not invited?"
--- [A:] You need to show more of your skills, that is that you need a couple of artworks in your gallery that is in a good skill level

Please feel free to ask questions

Also, I’m seeking admins with taste that can invite artists (write on my wall if interested)
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Collection of Nix https://imgur.com/a/vEjJa3u I don't trace. !! Credit my bases if used. !! I don't do requests. !! Read rules in the group before you ask to join !!  https://instagram.com/tsiox https://deviantart.com/tsiox https://myanimelist.net/profile/Tsiox
i ask here if i can join? if i understand (srry my english is not the best haha)
I think my art is good but not quit sure I just draw what i am feeling at the moment. I am sorry if i don't answer back because my house doesn't have wifi
Hi/ Lyra is the name/ Christian/ Bi/Boi fwend @Ry-Barker/ I love Siren's lament, Sub Zero, Age Matter, Big Smol Spoon, and My giant Nerd Boi fwend, and Spirit Warriors, and Kiss me undead, Empyrea, My dear cold blooded king/
c-can i join please?
Can I join? Here's a link to a few drawings I'm proud of... https://www.pixilart.com/beanthemumofall/gallery/album/proud-of-22890
Ello mah fellow beans! original choild @Amye-O-Shamie follow these peeps: @Star-Depressed @Taco-bout-it @Panda-Person @jixieishungry @TheOddWonder @T-O-X-I-C @JesusHelpMeNow @The-Insiders @BlakeStaro tell me if you wanna be in my bio! :3
ey can i join the group
W3ll h3ll0 th3r3. Follow: @BluuArts , @theoddwonder , @mattpie114 , @supabuddies , @epicpixels ,and @bongothewolf87 . They need more support than they get uwu Yes i am female
I'm still a small bit confused, do you tell us that we can join or can we upload something and you talk to us?
I don't have a reoccurring style, i don't plan on anything special, just doing things i want.
I don't think this is meant as some 'recruiting' post, more like an information post about the group as mentioned. Also, no offense, but for everyone that asked to join, I don't think your skill level is high enough as for now, keep practising, use reference and search info about drawing techniques and you'll eventually get to that point
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Could I join da group???
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