How do i use the background generator?

By alibaps — November 14, 2017
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I'm sure it's mostly randomly generated no matter what you put in, but there's no specific pattern - the predetermined pixel is entirely random.
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It is determined by letters and the amount of characters.
Each letter has a color. I found this out by typing, "banana" then typing "nana" then "na" then "a"
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@CryoKimothy Oh really? I haven't really delved into the background generator, so thank you for providing much more accurate info.
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a-light yellow
g-light blue
h-baby blue
i-light red
j-aqua blue
k-sky blue
l-dark green
m-light green
n-minecraft dimond blue
q-pea green
r-purple guy purple
v-runningoutofbluenames blue
x-army green
y-mr alibaps's shirt purple
z-grass green
this is the only time i discovered about the background generator. now I learned how to use it.
Thanks for the Info ^ ^
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ahhh yes minecraft diamond blue, my favorite of the blues.
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purple guy purple lol also I havent done a pa drawing in quite some time so I had no idea wut that was
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