Gif Won't go past 57 frames

By PixelPastries — April 04
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Hey so I figure the issue is that it's a gif, not an animation system, and so of course it has a max number of frames, but I may have realized this a bit too late and am bummed out that I can't send an animation I worked on for awhile to a friend via download. I just wanted to double check that there were no solutions and that I'm correct in my assumption. Thanks in advance.
nope - it's a problem on your end!
i made a gif with 97 frames, so the frame cap is much higher than 57.
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Hi. Is it possible to put a gif, I made before to an actual painting?
i dont think so.... but lemme check real quick
loves fnaf bendy and the ink machine
why do you need 57 frames?
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He doesnt need 57frames. He wants to go further beyond