Drawing application icons

By Pixilart — January 07
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Hello! I am looking for anyone who is interested in creating new icons for the drawing application tools. This would include all tools and the mirror tools. Icons should be 16x16 or 32x32. Use hashtag #newicons
Thank you!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a user or artwork. Please let me know. :)
oh ok nvm
I change characters, do not fret (shhh I like Yuri, don't tell her OmO)). My friends @Ariadyne @Asterisk @lumague @dachshundgirl5c @YOLO123 @Forsenpai302 @Dragonzdrawz98 @utmobsans @Sansing @STARQUEST12 @Jenna-demon. I'm in a relationship with @undertaleislif . I am a female and great artist. Also make sure to check out my teachers page @chamberschool she is kind and always kind! Enjoy!
I might actually do this- do you have any size requirements @pixilart ?
Kris - they/them - @wonderworld - secretly still online somewhere else
I can help
I read SCPs as a hobby.
OOO yesh! :3
(ノ^ω^)ノ゚ Hi! Im Pheniox, and Welcome to my page! I'm 12. Thanks to @toyfredfox27 for my previous PFP! (´▽`)ノ °♧‹⋆ MY REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! ⋆›♧° My friends ➩ @DarkLord125 @Crystal223 @JadeWolf @ArcticFooxieYT @Vessel @HelloCookie5 @Lizabella2 @fluffyboi ဗီူ l ༒ ♦° l Inspirational people ⤵ l °♦ ༒ l @sighs @Bluuarts @Autumnfire .Y(^_^)Y. " アーティストからたくさんの愛を!甘いままに!"
I will help
PFP: @SpaceWormworks (Tank You) | Mum: @AstersOrbit | Dad: @zechattack BIG SHOUTOUT TO @errortv He made a amazing art work that was made based on my char. Please follow them. https://www.pixilart.com/art/smol-gaster-1672dbb81218284 (Its my new pfp please give them so much support they deserve it.)
Heck yeah, let's do this.
Turning random junk into pixel art since 2017
yes, this is good
I enjoy making pixelated art. I'm also taking requests. If you want me to draw something, comment on my latest request post. I do not like drawing people.
Hmmmmm #newicons We should make it to where we can have a straight line that we can curve
I WANT TO DIE SO I AM PLANNING ON WHEN TO DIE I am lesbian ♡ Mom: @Lizzzim Girlfriend: @Emopunk202 Sister: @Kyrathecat Dad: @KillerScythe
I can draw a lot of icons so how about a stamp icon to make your own
Im the only boy in my family (the Louds) I have 10 sisters and a mom and dad. My Sister (Oldest to youngest): Lori,Leni,Luan,Luna,Lynn,Lucy,Lola and Lana, Lisa and my baby sister: Lily. Me: Lincoln, and we live in The Loud House!!! I'm also into mlp undertale SrPelo MaxMoeFoe unikitty Rick and Morty wolfichu etc...Sub to PewDiePie