beta testers, how you feeling??

By CryoKimothy — May 16
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dither tool promotes actual shading
praise the lord sunny-D almighty for fill of one color
I'm Kim, a grill who is a huge gAMER. introvert. france. Ghanian-American. wants to be swiss. Lebsina. Future girlfriend should know hangul. Joined June 12th, 2015. Birthday - November 11th. if you don't wear a sweater every day don't interact
I k n O w
garbage memes, broken dreams
i regret closing the beta drawing app ;-;
I do painting now. leave this profile, nothing but my occasional random comments. I main... idk... on overwatch. also all DDLC girls are best girl
I love it!
Hello! I make original pixel art for fun, hope you enjoy my work! I take constructive criticism. I'm a dude. My favorite colors are orange and green. I have a dog named Pixel. I'm usually open to collaborations and requests. My profile pic and background photo are both made by me. Putting @Kawlii here because friends help friends. I joined here July 3rd 2016 and I love this site!
It is a wonderful change!
Hi, I'm Lily and you can call me whatever you like. I'm a heartless creature and, I cause alot of drama now because of stupid people./ Reeeee/follow @Sans also @LavaCreeper189
Best thing ever
Thx for checking out my account :P ----- Twitter: ----- Deviantart: ----- Youtube:
Easy to use, awesome
Hey, I'm WhiteRun. I live in England. Been here since July 27th 2016. Birthday is 26th of September, and you should check out @Fleja @Astral and @Keyyleeh. Discord : Friends : @Astral @Keyyleeh @Fleja2003 @EvaChan.
Easier and smoother to animate with ! best thing ever
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I personally don't like it there is no way (that i know of) to change the brush size and it seems a lot more focused on detailed pixel drawings rather than drawing very simplistic art style i was exited about the layer feature but sadly I cant use it for my art ;-;
I can make more detailed pixilart :3
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