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By shinytama432 — November 03
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hey prankster gangsters if u wanna chat come here and dont worry we locked up explodingtnt and purple shep in a cage if you dont know who pink sheep is searche up pink sheep yep just paste it in into youtube search and there u go you are a prankster gangster bye sorry for all the talk so byeeee
I am a girl who likes Scratch, has an animal jam called Nonmember39, has a Bin Weevils called Toh-Doh641 and a sketchfab called shinytama432.
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BuT daDdy... WhY YOu locKeDMe Up?
Thx for checking out my account :P ----- For more of my artwork, go to @darkstar @medieval and @parallax :) ----- Twitter: ----- Deviantart: ----- Youtube: ----- DISCORD:
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He is the most fab thing in the universe
Hes #2gud4ubro
The more you practice, the better you become. Dont let people take that from you. Whether you are together or alone, you shall always be stronger as one. ============================== Plazma Burst 2 Official Website -
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I like Pink sheep and Purple shep
#Prankstergangster #Toasterheads
I like to draw animals, landscapes and really random things, like a dog jumping over a building. I also have a cat named Whiskers.
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Hi! :)

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Oh btw did you take his cheese?
take the mouse cheese and burn it in the dorito fire.
Kate has gone on break and left me here, she trusts me apparently but if I was her, I wouldn't trust myself.
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Hello I am Holographic sheep

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wait who's pink sheep (i'm gonna get hit with 9999999999 tons of hate aren't i)
oh my
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the only relatively funny minecraft youtuber
I'm Kim, a nerdy grill who wants to play some kickass jazz. I am French and African American. I play the clarinet and play overwatch and skullgirls in my free time. @Puggles @Kawlii @Kimoty(my alt) @Paradise @Kiaboo
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