If you love Minecraft, what level are you?

By Swim4life — February 20
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Look at my other one for what level you are.
I swim at crown point, and I have done 51 laps of butterfly in 1 hour. #swim life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to piano at Plum Grove & I am very good for my age. My time for 2 laps is 40 sec. My friends are @ILoveNarwhales, @trainman, @jmous and @Thanos-is-cool, and @WolfieChan213
noob who does commands
I read SCPs as a hobby.
Pro I guess
I am a girl and I love Pixilart, Minecraft, and good classic movies. Shoutouts: @mochii thank you so much for being my friend even though I’m weird(^∇^) @cubez you are awesome ❤️@The-Thirteen :) UwU @FloopyTheDoop thank you for words of encouragement ☆ Great Artists: @MiuLawler123 @AutumnFire @Dopey-Dragonite @8-bit-adventure @Biology-nerd @BluuArts @Fleja @JeansBoi @S-p-y Joined Feb 8, 2019