How do ya feel about my art?

By Kawlii — December 08
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Because friends help friends. @wanderingspirit @Slinky @glowsticks @peridot @Kiaboo @Kimothy @whatever/ heya, Im kawli. I type everything in lowercase but I still use punctuation, and I'd appreciate it if you she correct punctuation. Please dont say wat, wut, or wot unironically. Have a question- ask. (header by @memeos, pfp by @samasam )#OhioGang
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I think its fantastic very clean and clearcut. Honestly you're really inspiring to meeee
I'm a terrible person. Please don't follow me. But ask me anything and I'll try to help lmao. I live on Octave Minds and Bob Ross streams. @Kodama @xXQueenXx @Kawlii @juliano @0bscure @Scp173 @SmolPotato @MrHankalot @sendnudes @sendnoods
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i think tistis ookk
I RESPECT: @whatever @fleja2003 @Aasdfg @ThePixelOfArt @Kiaboo @SrPelo i thoink thats it, hmmm, well, yep
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Artwork has certainly gotten better Kawl. When it comes to people - I think you've mastered it. Nothing more to say really lol. Keep it up!
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I don't like it..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Hi! Its hominick welcome to my page! i do gifs, meh... drawings, collabs, and group drawings! here are my friends: @juliano @Umilee @PixelPot8os76 @scpawesome @ultidaisy @srpelo @ehrhamad000. here are my inspirations: @fleja2003 @juliano Oh, and If you follow me I will follow you back!
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good :)
Im the worst! :D 07/02/2017: all my draws has been deleted :^)
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I can be gentle as a daisy, tough as a WAIT STOP! THAT DOES NOT MEAN WATER ME WITH A FREAKING HOSE! Hello, You have crossed the earth's borders and you apparently strayed into Insanity land. Gets inspired by: Link for Beta ;) don't tell anyone kk?
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Wai is this in minecraft?
Hi, you may or may not know me as that idiot on DragonSkyFilms who tries to talk people out of depressions and such.
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Why would you revive this?
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