What is your favorite movie and least favorite movie?

By YourFishyFriend — January 05
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My Favorite movie is Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. I LOVE the Indiana Jones movies! They all have action and suspense, but I think that the Kingdom of the crystal skull kinda lacked action and I think it also needed a better story line. But other than those things the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn't bad. I think my least favorite movie I have ever watched was Ponyo. SPOILER ALERT!!! Ponyo is about this fish thing named Ponyo who wants to be a human and finds Sosuke. And then they get separated because Ponyo's dad is mean and she starts a hurricane somehow. And then they go on some really weird adventure. Personally, I think the movie was kinda bad. It lacked action for sure. And Sosuke's mom is a terrible driver, I dont even know why they would give that crazy lady a drivers license. It was also just super awkward. Some of the parts in the movie were super weird. Also Ponyo and Sosuke are also annoying in my opinion. But that is also just my opinion so please don't hate me. Well, that was my favorite movie and least favorite movie in 3,000 paraghraphs. UwU
My fave is finding nemo and finding dory because i love fishes while my least fave is the emoji movie becuase it's bland and meh.
I read SCPs as a hobby.
Mine are too many favorite movies, I mention here some names, like San Andreas, now you see me, The nun, Avengers etc, and no one is the least fav. In fact, I bought tickets from https://www.reecoupons.com/view/florida-ticket-station, without facing any difficulty.