We don't want your bologna

By OnyxDragon — April 12, 2017
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Step 1: Cut your soggy bologna
Step 2: Cut your neighbor
Step 3: Shove your soggy lunch meat inside of your neighbor
Step 4: Burn you neighbor's corpse
Step 5: Blend your neighbors ashes in a blender
Step 6: Feed the ash juice to your pet hamster
Step 7: Bury your hamster
Following these steps, you can properly dispose of your foul bologna, because nobody wants that shyt.
I don't have a pet hamster, though ;-; Do I have to buy one now?
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My hamster is dead.
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thx m8 im a great bologna cutter now
when the ----
ok then
can i use another neighbor instead of a hamster?
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i think it has to be a hamster
a guinea pig might work