Valentine's day.

By Kimothy — February 13, 2016
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Draw a picture for someone you care about on this website. It can be a lot of people
I'm Kim, a twelve-year-old nerd who is obsessed with Overwatch and lowkey wants to go pro. I am French and African American (black) and I'm Cryo_Kimothy on overwatch. I main DVa, Tracer, and Sombra. It's my dream to win any kind of competition and start a mediocre youtube channel. Warning - my art takes forever, and I am really into dark humor. @Puggles @Aasdfg @Kawlii @0bscure @Paradise @Kiaboo
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Good Idea
Hey Guys, Phantom Here, Bad At Drawing, Need Lessons... Badly... Have YT Channel, 230+ Subs, Be Sure To Follow Me And I Can Put One Of Ur Pics On My Vid... Um, Goal Is 250 Subs Rn, Only Been Doing My YouTube 4 A Week... Yeah, Be Sure To Follow, Sub To My Channel, Like My Vids... And All That Suff!
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Hi! :)

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