Undertale survey

By Frisk17 — 10 days
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I want to know what people think....so plz just take it. Its only two questions. Click the link.
Hi, im a nerd who Loves Undertale -_- i am not very good at art but i hope that i can get better the more i do it :) My friends are: @katthewack @funnybones-476 @lit-police91
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I draw stuffs and read SCPs as a hobby.
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Hello. Welcome to my page. i mostly like ddlc yandere sim. my Oc is Noob. He is a male from roblox. He has Brown eyes unlike the other noobs. he acts differently from the rest of the noobs. I put my Oc in collabs.

Hello there ye old chum, I'm gnot a gnelf. I'm not a Gnoblin. I'm a Gnome, and you've been GNOMED
My friend uses this site alot so I thought I'd join.
You forgot Burgerpants, just saying. I know there's an other, but I feel he's important enough.
Hello! I've liked art since I was little and never got into it in school because of other electives. Hopefully, I can get some skills on this website and raise my skill level! If I could get tips about how to better my art, please tell me what to do better. I like most Nintendo franchises(especially Smash), Undertale, Overwatch, and Minecraft. I play in band, trumpet, and I like D&D.