Undertale survey

By Frisk17 — January 08
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I want to know what people think....so plz just take it. Its only two questions. Click the link.
Hello! I am frisk. I draw my friends and sometimes myself. I would love to meet you! pfp by: @immediate54 My friends are: @katthewack @funnybones-476 @lit-police91 I am working on a comic with @funnybones-476 called "The Fallen Monster" i did not draw it, but i created the story. Look at my photos. (If you want to help/voice act (maybe) please email [email protected])
Please highlight link
I read SCPs as a hobby.
no u
hello.welcome to my page. my ocs are noobx and noobcider. they are male from roblox. Noobx he has brown eyes unlike the other noobs. he acts differently from the rest of the noobs. i put my oc in collabs. i also meme as well dont blame me ;-; and yes i do rp [email protected]

Hello there ye old chum, I'm gnot a gnelf. I'm not a Gnoblin. I'm a Gnome, and you've been GNOMED
My friend uses this site alot so I thought I'd join.
You forgot Burgerpants, just saying. I know there's an other, but I feel he's important enough.
Hello! I've liked art since I was little and never got into it in school because of other electives. Hopefully, I can get some skills on this website and raise my skill level! If I could get tips about how to better my art, please tell me what to do better. I like most Nintendo franchises(especially Smash), Undertale, Overwatch, and Minecraft. I play in band, trumpet, and I like D&D.