Third Party drawings

By FacelessPanda — February 11
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Hello everyone
Just wondering, and I'd really love a non-troll answer please.
I came here thinking I could use this place to share pixel-art I made, but I can't seem to get the pictures I share to count as drawings to add to albums and stuff.
It's been several days now, and they still don't count as pixel art.
I understand that the system has no way to automatically assume that I made those,
but there's also no setting to say "hey this is a drawing I made"
So is the whole pixilart sharing and liking and album features JUST for what's made with the webapp?
Or can you share stuff you made with, idk, gimp or pyxel edit or graphics gale?
I tried using the "upload image" feature in the drawing app, and more times than not it just hanged and did nothing.
Thanks in advance for understanding my confusion