New year's resolution

By carrotkitty — January 01
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1. To get The midnight star
2. Stop procrastinating.
Oya Oya? I'm Carrot. I like Anime, Haikyuu, Attack On Titan, Volleyball, BL, and drawing.
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my new year resolution is full HD
actually wake up on time for school (will never happen)
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My New years resolution list:
-Be outside
-lose weight (I'm fat)
-Realize it's too late to make a list.
(Realizes that was obvious) Crap. Maybe when i get a drawing pad i'll draw more???
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Let's hope that it's better than 2016 has been. * looking back at the 2016 disaster and drama *
Sup, I'm AC. Drawing is my passion,I make artwork like any other Here are some pals: @UltiDaisy, @GamingNerdial, @SamaSam, @Wowzers, @MrHenkAlot, @SmokeyTheMenish, @SuperDuperDoopy, @Strangefox, @Iamnotcreative, @Juliano, @Whiterun, @Gr0ss6oys, @SirIntegrity, and many more! Profile Pic By: @Juliano Requests: Go ahead. Also my Birthday is coming soon ( July 30th ) so that's okay I guess.
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Goals: "To Innovate and Break Milestones"
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new years resolution : don't make resolutions (been kept since 2012)
i love my own characters (profile pip by @pippin ((idk if thats her username)) )
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My New Years Resolution: To do much better as I did last year in school.
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New Years Resolution = To think of a New Years Resolution for 2018
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less screaming
less crippling depression
get a real tumblr
more memes
more mints
better ocs
better art
I'm Kim, a twelve-year-old nerd who is obsessed with Overwatch and lowkey wants to go pro. I am French and African American (black) and I'm Cryo_Kimothy on overwatch. I main DVa, Mei, and Sombra. It's my dream to win any kind of competition and start a mediocre youtube channel. Warning, I make a lot of racist jokes. @Puggles @Kawlii @Kimoty(my alt) @Paradise @Kiaboo
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