Let's rant about stuff.

By Geckoman — January 05
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...This forum is for ranting about issues on this site. The user that created this forum specified it. The title is just a general topic but the description/first comment by the creator is intended to clarify specifically what the forum is about since the title can only have so many letters in it before it runs out of space.
REQUESTS: no. Waddup, I'm Kido, I'm 18, and I never ------' learned how to love. A few things about myself: I draw everything w/ a computer mouse, I'm boring, I'm socially inept, I eat symbolism for breakfast, I hate when people spell words wrong deliberately (wut, dis, meh), I'm legally allowed to feel hate, and I've been on here since June 17th of 2015 #OhioGang
I haven't seen the sun since 2011, and i'm scared of Gru. Someone did the math, and Gru is 14 feet tall and con run at Mach 1
Welcome to the pit [(steam) haekofronk]+ [(discord) lemon man#3014] - [(twitter) lofi_hank] = nerd joke. neat dudes: @SirNirdAlot @PixelPot8os76 @Kido @coughonme @LordCuck . @ me in anything so we can get weird and wild. young lad maker until the summer
haha prepare for my reality vent https://www.ted.com/talks/donald_hoffman_do_we_see_reality_as_it_is?language=en our science teacher showed us something along the lines of this and i had a fookin panic attack like, there's this kid i know on a volleyball team, and the team is away from school so the kids there don't know her-- she told the kids her name was wednesday, and it's just crazy to think, to those kids, her actual 100 percent birth name is wednesday. because they don't know, have no clue her real name is alyssa-- if you believe something, with all your heart and don't doubt it at all, it's freaking reality to y o u. that just messes with my head a little like, everybody else in your world could be a figment of your imagination. maybe youre dreaming this all up now because you went crazy or whatever, and you would have no idea. youmightnoteven exist, and vice versa. my stupid science teacher broke my --------- mind i feel like one of those sci-fi computer humannoids, where their all like, "does not compute, does not compute" it doesnt freaking compute,, like, my reality might not be reality? i might be a sole being and everything is just in my head and i would have NO IDEA, and i would never even know until i died, and god knows what happens then, and technically-- technically ------- e v e r y th i ng, no ----.like, i'n those first few moments of waking after a dream that was reality and it had never, ever, been different from that until you realized. dreams that merge with reality seriously ---- me up like that too, and old dreams that i cant remember if they were real, or not real, those are the worst. and is that what happens to schizophrenics, or whatever? are they in their own reality? its the truth, to them, and that's why their classified as mentally disturbed. because they see their own world and 100% believe it. i wish i could sue my science teacher. ok im done
peace out. remain klingon. hail hydra. live long and prosper, may the force be with you.
hmmm what stuff Xdd
(im 12)
*•.¸♡ hєч í'm jσ, í hαvє αn σвsєssíσn wíth fσrtnítє...αnd drαwíng, dσnt gєt mє stαrtєd σn jαkє pαul ♡¸.•*
:0 ppl cant read
im kim, a highschooler who likes movies, video games (A LOT) and art. ask me to draw something for you and i will always say no. requests are CLOSED. I have eighty nicknames and the only ones you can call me are kimothy, kiki and key. please think before commenting, i want to keep my few remaining braincells. i was previously cryokimothy
sea-cucumbers are getting rare cuz their population has dropped 85% over the past 5 years
A big site issue is people still say "uwu" unironically, also Bryan's kind of a dumbass
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This is self explanatory. https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall
Hey! I am a random nerd that likes what most nerds like. For example, I like anime, art, TV Shows, robots, video games, etc. Thank you for reading this all the way through. Cool People: @Frisk17 @Smitty-The-Boss
---- off this is about problems on pixilart
A Th3o, LordCuck and Julaino stan.| Claimed, and Proven, Number 1 pixilart memer | Owner of Pixilart The Fighters | Discord is Pixel#1463 | I draw JoJo, John, it’s what I do | Hip people: @henk @mintberrycrunch @milkingtheshake @Cess @Triangularforce @AceNX @LordCuck @rat @BluuArts @ghostvirus52 | Official funi man maker